Committee on Committees and Rules [remote]

Chicago City Council

Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022
2:00 p.m. — 4:00 p.m. CDT

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This meeting has been rescheduled to later in the day on Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2 p.m. (it was scheduled for 9 a.m. when the assignment was initially posted).

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Edited and summarized by the Chicago - IL Documenters Team

Live reporting by Natalie Frank

Great Resignation of Alders, Committee Assignments for New Alders, and Alder Knudsen Welcome

Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie
Hi all - ’ll be live-tweeting today’s meeting of the Committee on Committees and Rules for
@CHIdocumenters. There are only two items scheduled on the agenda so it shouldn't go too long, I would think.

03:48 PM Sep 20, 2022 CDT

Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 2/24
The meeting is starting late because the zoning meeting is running late.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 3/24
The zoning committee elected to meet tomorrow morning to complete their business so they have adjourned and the Rules committee meeting should begin shortly.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 4/24
This is the agenda for todays meeting:
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 5/24
Meeting has been called to order chaired by Ald Michelle Harris.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 6/24
Motion made to approve the July, 2022 Monthly Rule 45 Reports for the Committee on Committees and Rules. Outcome: Approved unanimously.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 7/24
Motion made to approve assignment of Timothy Knudsen to the Committee on Committees and Rules. Vote is unanimous. Knudsen is welcomed to committee.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 8/24
Agenda item two is brought up which is the Resolution of Amending Committee Assignments based on the New 43rd Ward Alderman appointment.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 9/24
There is discussion about how these assignments are delegated. Aldermen Sposato and Vasquez remark on how with at least 21 departures from the Council and 21 new members that it seems that newbies are getting a lot of the assignments that perhaps more senior aldermen might want.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 10/24
Ald. Scott replied that the mayor said that she would take on the committees that her predecessor had been assigned to.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 11/24
Ald Scott added that she believed that with 21 Alderman resigning there would be a lot of opportunity for being assigned to new committees
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 12/24
Ald Cardenas welcomed Ald Knudsen saying that he has no doubt that the new ald will be able to take on all the responsibilities he will be assigned.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 13/24
Ald Cardenas added that he believes that Ald Knudsen will be particularly helpful on issues related to zoning, finance and will generally be able to help people with the problems they report.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 14/24
Ald Cardenas finished by saying that he is one of the Alderman who will be leaving at the end of this term.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 15/24
Ald Sposato spoke again stating that he didn't mean any disrespect to any of the newly appointed aldermen but that he was trying to protect them. He said he didn't want any of the "newbies" to feel overwhelmed by committee assignments.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 16/24
Ald Sposato reiterated that he believes the manner in which committee assignments are decided needs to be looked into. He added that he does support the resolution and new ald assigned to committee.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 17/24
Ald Hadden spoke up to say that he supports the resolution. He also welcomed Ald Knudsen to the committee.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 18/24
Chairwoman Harris called for a vote on the resolution. It passes unanimously.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 19/24
There being no other business to consider, the chair asks for a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourns at 3:00pm.
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 20/24
Here is and example of how Mayor Lightfoot fills vacant council member positions:…
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 21/24
Here is an article about what is being called "The Great Resignation" of city alderman:…
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 22/24
Here is some general information on the Chicago City Council:…
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 23/24
Here are some of the aldermen who have resigned. (According to Ald Scott there have been 21 or 22 resignations out of 50 aldermen at the time of this meeting.)…
Natalie Frank, Ph.D @FrankNatalie 24/24
This concludes my coverage of todays Committee on Committees and Rules meeting. Any comments on the current state of the Chicago City Council or anything else mentioned here are welcome. For more meeting coverage, check out

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Chicago City Council

The Chicago City Council is the legislative branch of the government of the City of Chicago and consists of the Mayor and Aldermen elected from each of the City’s fifty wards. Source

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